Clone Stamp tool “PhotoRetouching”

I was talking with a friend of mine while back about photo retouching,  Photo retouching can be tough and challenging and sometime take hours to complete a job, Then I came across a magazine call Photoshop Retouch at the local book store, i thought the magazine was interesting because it gave you step by step instruction on how to retouch your images.

Some of the steps in these tutorials may not be for you, But you may have a faster method to using photoshop for your retouching needs, those of us who use photoshop know that they plenty of ways to do one thing, Nevertheless the tutorials in Photoshop retouch magazine are real easy to follow a long, I know this because I downloaded an image from just see if I could follow along.

So I have some tips for you, These tip are related to questions that people have asked me about in the past, why the Clone Stamp  doesn’t work? Saquan: What do you mean? When i use the Clone stamp i get dark spots. Tip #1 when you are retouching your image you have to remember when you are using the Clone Stamp tool, To remove dark elements on light background use the clone stamp in light mode, So you will not loose the detail, one you have remove the elements you wanted out of you image simply go back to mode and switch back to normal select  the healing brush and go over what you just clone out toggling thought the different modes are very important. Tip #2 If you want to use the Clone stamp tool on another layer you have to select Current and Below in the option Menu. Otherwise you wont be able to use the tool on another layer, This is better because you’ll be able to go back and edit the elements you don’t like. This is called Non Destructive editing.

I download this image from, my version is at the bottom


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