Beetle Juice Meets Delaware’s Dizzy Bulldog.

03/27/10 Hockessin DE: Yes Howard Sterns Cast member The One the only Beetle Juice Stop by The Dizzy Bulldog in Hockessin DE Friday, March 27, 2010, early this morning there wasn’t any Riots Just plenty of laughs, beetle juice is the greatest entertainer to hit the dizzy bulldog in quite sometime, beetle juice took the time out to meet and greet his fans, posing for photographs, telling jokes and evening doing some dancing with the ladies.

A hugh difference from the last celebrity to visit the dizzy bulldog back in February of 2010, which was MTV‘S Sammi The Sweetheart from the TV Show The Jersey shore, Sammi was brought down to meet and host The 2010 Mr. Juice head contest, however most of time Sammi was seen on her cell phone instead of meeting her fans.

But Beetle Juice wasn’t that way at all, Beetle Juice was all about the fans, riding the mechanical bull with fans, afterwards beetle was seen helping one of his riding partners put on her boots “No wonder why i hear his a ladies man” Notwithstanding Beetle Juice showed Hockessin his Singing skills performing classics hits from Michael Jackson such as Beat It & Triller and to top it off adding Lionel Richie #1 hit All night long to the set,  the crowd was fired up.

Additionally Beetlejuice was challenged to a rap off from a Local Closet Rapper named Dj Lovely Love “PRICELESS” Dj Lovely Love was NO match for Beetlejuice Lyrically, Beetlejuice lyrics were so smooth and poetic that The Dizzy Bulldog erupted with chants of Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice  Forcing The Challenger DJ Lovely Love AKA Bobbo to run for the hills, in which he came. Beetle Juice Told me afterwards “Theirs a reason why I was in The 2002 N.O.R.E Grimey Video and a reason why the band Staind in 2005 covered me and the band Blue traveler, How Can this guy compete with me, DJ LOVE IS MY SON NOW” You really had to be there, seeing is believing

Beetle Juice real name is Lester “Napoleon” Green he’s from Jersey City New Jersey his occupation is a Comedian/Actor  you are able to keep up with beetle juice by visiting or listen to the Howard Stern show. The next schedule events at the dizzy bulldog will be the grand opening of the New Vodka lounge which will be serving up forty different vodka and the Pussycat Dolls who are schedule to appear April 24, 2010, for more information please visit or I Rode the Bull facebook page at

Beetlejuice on the mechanical bull
Beetle Juice Getting His Dance On
Beetle Juice Tell His Jokes
The challenger DJ Lovely Love AKA Bobbo
Smooth Beetle
Beetle Juice get’s more love
Beetle and the fans
Beetle and the Ladies
Beetle and More Ladies friends
Beetle Juice Tell the Crowd to Get the F$&K out.

Gregg Fornario owner of the Dizzy Bulldog is quoted “This guy is a stand up dude and Fucking Hillarious!
I’m definitely bringing him back!” Stay tune fans!!

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