The Hockessin Debate

Republican Tom Kovach and Democrat Tim Sheldon debate at the Hockessin Fire Company Memorial Hall Tuesday evening. The Thursday, Jan. 13 special election was necessitated when Paul Clark moved from council president to county executive after Chris Coons was elected to the U.S. Senate.

Running for the vacant seat are: Republican Tom Kovach, a former state representative; Democrat Tim Sheldon, a six-year councilman from the Pike Creek section of Newark Delaware.

Cast your Votes The Thursday,  January 13, 2011.

01/11/11 Hockessin DE: Republican Tom Kovach (Right) and Democrat Tim Sheldon (Left) during debate at Hockessin Fire Company Memorial Hall in Hockessin Delaware Tuesday Night. Special to Monsterphoto/SAQUAN STIMPSON


2 thoughts on “The Hockessin Debate

  1. Ninth District County Councilman Tim Sheldon D and former state Representative Tom Kovach R are at odds over ethics issues and campaign conduct. People are recovering from the holiday hangover said Kovach..Sheldon s campaign manger Brian McGlinchey calls this final week critical to educating voters.. People got sucked into the holiday vortex so its been difficult trying to get the message out McGlinchey observed.. .Sheldon wants to get voters to focus on ethical questions he is raising about Kovach.


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