Congressional Candidate LISA BLUNT ROCHESTER meets with Urban League Professionals to discuss pressing issues affecting young professionals in the state of Delaware during a listening session Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016 at Junior Achievements Center in Wilmington Delaware.

Rochester was a CEO of the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League, where she says she did grassroots work on education for children of color, among other issues. She also served as state personnel director and a deputy state secretary for health and social services.

If elected, she says she wants to focus on criminal justice reform and creating economic opportunity for more people, as well as making college affordable.

“To me, Delaware families, many people, are working really hard these days, but they’re still having a tough time,” she says. “So for me, the number one goal is, how do we help families to do well and to thrive in today’s economy?”

Rochester will face state Sen. Bryan Townsend and state Rep. Bryon Short in the Democratic primary next fall.


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