This quick tutorial was put together to show you how you can effectively use code replacement with photo mechanic five or four.

Tip: Take the time prior to assignment and create a code replacement for use with photo mechanic. By doing this you reduce the chances of being disappointed if you find that the venue you are shooting at does not have the proper lineup for the opposing for home teams.

While on assignment it is our duty as photojournalist to provide as much information as possible prior to submitting to our editors.

Note – You can also use variables to add the date automatically in captions as well.  If you put in {dow}, {mn3} {day}, {yr4} in your caption it will insert the date. You can save that as a snapshot of your stationary pad and then load it for each shoot, and never, ever have to type a date again!

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 2.03.33 AM

Short Video


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