STATEMENT: I get asked why I take pictures. Well, a-lot of people take pictures. There is nothing special about taking pictures. The more appropriate question to ask me is “Why are you so passionate about taking pictures?” Why I’am so passionate about taking pictures, you ask? Good question. First and foremost I have a passion for photography, I’m always amazed by the transformation in the world of Photo
from the Daguerrotype, Talbotype, Calotype, Film down to Digital. Once I start a project, I really can’t stop until stop the project comes to life, I look forward to learning new techniques, and solving problems that will occur, I mean you learn something new everyday. I take pictures to leave a mark. Photography is important to me. Photographs leave a legacy of how we see the world. This legacy is our mark. I want to make and leave a marks for myself and I want to make and leave marks for my clients. Remembering is important. Your mark is important.

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