Flying with AB Flight LLC

Has learning to fly been a passion of yours? Have you always thought that it was out of reach due to finances, health, etc? Are you a pilot that has been away from it for a while and is in need of a refresher course? Come find out what AB Flight has to offer with their Sport Pilot program. Unlike a private pilot’s license where a medical certificate is necessary and the costs can be out of reach for some, the Sport Pilot program could be right up your alley! Give us a call today and get flying in no time!

AB Flight is also proud to represent the Evektor SportStar and Harmony line of Light Sport Aircraft! Be sure to check out this fantastic line of aircraft above and see which is right for you! If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Video Produced By Saquan Stimpson



Wilmington Urban Chess Initiative Hold First Annual Tourney

The Wilmington urban chess initiative held there first annual rated tournament this past weekend.

Ranked players from the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania and as well as Delaware participated in the first annual tourney.

Private organizations, along with individuals notwithstanding public figures who see the value in supporting a organization that is doing positive things for the community where in attendance.

Dr. Tony Allen, Governor Jack Markell, Senator Chris Coons, State Representative John Carney, Cimone Philpotts, Eugene Young “Candidate for Mayor of Wilmington” and WSFS bank donated and or took time out of their weekend schedules to show support.

People claim that nothing positive is happening in the city of Wilmington; the question to then ask, Are you looking hard enough?